Control and measurement instruments are essential for applications that require the correct quantification of the dosage and mixing of chemicals. Aliaxis offers a range of efficient and accurate instrumentation that is resistant to corrosion and weathering.

Our portfolio has been chosen for numerous pressure piping systems used for water distribution, civil and industrial water and wastewater treatment, process fluid management in the manufacturing industry, including the textile industry, but also for irrigation systems, sports facilities, swimming pools and spas.

Our comprehensive selection of technically advanced flow control instrumentation offers solutions for monitoring and analytical measurements. Flow control is essential to ensure the efficiency of the pumping systems and to prevent dry running of the pumps, in case of pumping against closed valves or when the flow is minimal.

Our systems are equipped with graphic displays that allow you to read the values even from a distance and are equipped with on-board guides, designed to simplify the installation process as well as different output options for managing external devices.

The Aliaxis portfolio includes:

  • M9.00 two-wire flow monitor and transmitter
  • Battery flow indicator M9.20
  • M9.50 batch controller
  • M9.05 conductivity indicator and transmitter
  • M9.06 pH/ORP Indicator and Transmitter
  • M9.03 biparametric flow indicator and transmitter
  • M9.07 biparametric conductivity and flow indicator and transmitter
  • Biparametric flow and pH/ORP monitor and transmitter M9.08
  • Biparametric indicator and transmitter of analog signals M9.10
Immagine di indicatori e trasmettitori di flusso con display
Immagine di sensori di flusso a inserzione a rotore, a turbina ed elettromagnetici

F3.00 rotor flow sensor, wireless F3.00.W, for high pressures F3.20

F6.30 rotor flow transmitter

Mini rotor flow sensor F3.10

Rotor flow switch F3.05

F6.60 electromagnetic flow meter, for installation in F6.61 load

  • Flow sensor for low flow rates ULF
  • F3.80 oval wheel flow sensor
Immagine di sensori di flusso in linea per basse portate e a ruote ovali
Immagine di elettrodi pH/ORP
  • C150-200 graphite or platinum conductivity sensor
  • Conductivity sensor in C100-300 stainless steel
  • Inductive conductivity transmitter C6.30
Immagine di sensori di conducibilità potenziometrici e induttivi
Immagine del trasmettitore di livello e pressione HF6

 HF6 level and pressure transmitter