The FLS compact flow sensor for low flow rates model ULF is a device designed for use with any type of aggressive and solid-free liquid.

The sensor can be mounted on flexible or rigid pipes via connections with male 1/4” GAS threaded.

The rotor sensor produces a frequency output proportional to the flow rate that can be transmitted and processed without difficulty.

The ULF sensor offers two different flow ranges, starting with 1.5 or 6 l/h (0.0066 or 0.0264 gpm).

The construction materials, POM or ECTFE (Halar®), guarantee particularly high strength and chemical resistance.


  • Water treatment
  • Chemical industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • dosing systems
  • Laboratory facilities


  • Parts in contact with liquids in POM or ECTFE (Halar®)
  • Two flow rate ranges available: - from 1.5 to 100 l/h (0.0066-0.44 gpm) - from 6 to 250 l/h (0.0264-1.1 gpm)
  • High chemical resistance
  • Simple assembly

Compatibility of FLS products

Compatibility of in-line low flow and oval gear flow sensors with FLS instruments.


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