The infrastructure sector

In an ever-changing reality, bringing people together through quality water and a reliable energy supply is becoming an increasingly demanding challenge.

Constantly looking to the future needs of customers, Aliaxis provides a wide range of large-scale infrastructure solutions that make a difference in our daily lives.

Thanks to a widespread global presence, we have gained unparalleled know-how and skills that our teams put at the service of every single project phase. To simplify installation procedures and reduce operating costs, we have developed tailor-made, market-leading solutions used for piping for international waterways, highly complex gas pipelines, cable ducting in megacities and other projects leading infrastructure in every part of the world.

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Water distribution

We offer sustainable solutions that achieve the goal of ensuring clean water for all. Tested and certified according to the strictest drinking water standards, our systems are maintenance-free and long-lasting.

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Gas distribution

Aliaxis provides solutions that meet the energy needs of a growing population. Our systems for gas distribution networks are extensively tested to meet the highest safety standards and deliver consistent performance.

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Hydrogen distribution

The hydrogen economy is a virtuous economic system, desirable for the future, whose main energy vector is hydrogen. Discover the Aliaxis systems already certified for green hydrogen distribution networks.

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Rainwater management

The increasingly critical climatic conditions of the planet require careful management of rainwater. Aliaxis offers various solutions for the collection and drainage of rainwater, in order to contain the risk of flooding. Do you want to find out how to treat and manage run-off rainwater?

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Expressly designed to protect the health of communities and the environment, our sewage systems are built to last and ensure optimum performance over the long term.

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Electricity and telecommunications

Aliaxis also addresses the electricity supply and telecommunications sectors with solutions tested to comply with the most stringent safety standards and guarantee stable performance, capable of keeping people connected.


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