Management and use of drinking water

Climate change and the increase in world population are making the task of providing communities with acceptable quality water increasingly difficult.

The pipes for this type of application must last over the years and, often, custom-made products are needed to meet the specifications of a given project.

Durable drinking water systems

Aliaxis provides durable piping systems that are not only simple and quick to install, but also ensure consistent performance levels. We offer a catalog of economically attractive solutions for the conveyance, control and use of water, including pipes and fittings that are among the best on the market.

Aliaxis provides clean water to communities around the world

Aliaxis has executed highly structured water distribution projects to provide clean water to communities around the world. The fact of producing customized solutions in our factories and coordinating installation on site minimizes downtime and guarantees easy and safe installation, even in prohibitive conditions.

Aliaxis follows all phases of the project with technical consultancy, training courses and on-site installation assistance. Customers come to us because they know they can count on solutions that are perfectly suited to their water networks, regardless of the degree of complexity.

Systems for water distribution networks