How does the configurator work?

To use the Configurator just follow these simple steps:

1. Select the type of duct pipe

2. Indicate the diameter and thickness of the pipe on which the coupling will be made

3. Based on these criteria, the configurator will select the most suitable Clips

4. For each Clip, it is possible to download a technical sheet and assembly instructions

5. By registering, you can request an offer.

Why choose Easy Clip?

Easy Clip is a connection fitting that allows you to make the connection (Ø160 and Ø200) to a pipeline.

The fitting is mechanically anchored, it does not require adhesives, and is suitable both for installations on new and for installations on existing manifolds.

In both situations, Easy Clip considerably simplifies the creation of a new connection, both for white water and black water.

The advantages

- Minimum installation time
- Perfect hydraulic seal
- High mechanical resistance
- Reliability over time

How Easy Clip works

Its operating principle guarantees a seal from inside the duct and effectively prevents corrosion phenomena.
The hydraulic seal is guaranteed by the saddle gasket which is compressed during
the screwing, during installation.

Installation advice for Easy Clip Plus and Link

Easy Clip Plus and Link allow quick connection to pipes in:

Concrete Ø 300-1200
Corrugated PE Ø 300-1200
Plastic pipes Ø DN 315-1000

Installation advice for Easy Clip City

Easy Clip City allows you to quickly connect to pipes in:

PVC Ø200-400
Corrugated PE Ø ID 250
Gres Ø DN 200-250

Easy Clip Plus

Easy Clip City