The demands placed on buildings today are greater than they have ever been. Not only are buildings expected to be safe and comfortable environments, they also need to be more sustainable from the point of construction onwards.

Water, combined with efficient piping systems for managing it, is fundamental to meeting these challenges within a wide range of buildings. This relies on cost-efficient, durable and environmentally friendly solutions that deliver consistent performance.     

At Aliaxis, we design high-quality sanitary, plumbing and building systems for a wide variety of applications. From residential, commercial, hospitality and logistics buildings, through to educational institutions and healthcare facilities, our solutions help to ensure that these environments are pleasant and safe.  

We cover the complete range of sanitary requirements, from hot and cold water systems, waste traps and outlets, to shower and floor drainage. Aliaxis also provides market-leading ventilation and drainage solutions that are specially designed to save money, time and space.   

casa moderna unifamiliare

Residential: New Single Dwelling

Delivering high levels of performance that are made to last, our sustainable solutions are designed with residents’ comfort in mind. We help our customers select the most suitable and cost-efficient systems and products for each new project.   

Complesso di edifici residenziali

Residential: New Multi-occupancy

We offer robust, sustainable, and cost-efficient systems ideally suited to meet the demands of buildings with multiple residences, along with a wide range of services and support.       

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Residential: Renovation

We provide a wide range of solutions to overcome the common challenges faced when renovating properties. Aliaxis offers strong, lightweight products with easy jointing techniques to help meet what is often strict criteria for such projects. 

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Behind the scenes in busy hotels, Aliaxis solutions ensure that plumbing and sewage systems function smoothly and silently. Our portfolio has been designed to save space and complement hotel aesthetics, helping to create an oasis of comfort for guests. 

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Healthcare & Hospitals

We offer complete plumbing and sanitary systems to help ensure hygienic and peaceful environments in hospitals. Our durable systems are all rigorously tested and proven, delivering the consistent performance vital in medical facilities. 

galleria di centro commerciale

Offices & Commercial buildings

Our fluid management systems are installed in contemporary offices and busy retail and leisure buildings to ensure a comfortable environment for workers and visitors. From chilled water and air conditioning applications to quiet drainage, Aliaxis solutions help to create places that are perfectly suited for the people that use them.  

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Industrial & Logistics buildings

Aliaxis provides highly efficient and robust solutions that can handle large quantities of rain and wastewater for industrial facilities. We offer a specialized solution for logistics buildings in the form of siphonic rainwater drainage, which connects to the building’s structural integrity. An engineered solution suited for large, flat roofs; it is designed to provide efficient drainage to deal with heavy rain

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Public & Government buildings

Our sustainable and cost-effective solutions are ideal for the requirements of government buildings and public facilities. Highly efficient systems provided by Aliaxis have been installed in a wide variety of projects around the world, from prestigious national buildings to modern schools and colleges. 

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High-rise buildings

Aliaxis has developed efficient solutions perfectly suited to meet the challenges of high-rise buildings, including single stack drainage and fire safety systems. We provide our customers with cost-effective and sustainable systems and products that make high-rise living safe and comfortable for residents. 

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