Durable systems for intensive use

Newly built multi-family houses generally consist of various structures, each with specific characteristics.

These projects almost always have to be completed quickly and require robust systems that can withstand heavy use by many residents.

Drawing on many years of experience, Aliaxis has developed durable and efficient systems that meet the performance requirements of a variety of projects, from innovative student residences to care homes worth millions of Euros.

Our plastic pipes are light, resistant over time, convenient and, thanks to simple and quick joining techniques, they can be installed in no time to meet the work schedule.

Aliaxis also offers customers the technical assistance needed to use our comprehensive portfolio of solutions for multi-family homes, which includes:

  • Systems for the distribution of hot and cold water in individual apartments
  • Chilled water air conditioning systems for dining rooms and common areas
  • Specific sanitary systems for multi-family buildings
  • Rainwater drainage and collection solutions

Systems for new multi-family residential buildings

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