In many buildings, soundproofing of drains is essential to safeguard people's comfort. Aliaxis has developed a range of solutions to ensure the silence of residential and non-residential systems.

Our systems lend themselves to various structures, including healthcare ones, as confirmed by the choice of King's College Hospital. When the hospital decided to open a new branch in Dubai, it commissioned Aliaxis to provide a sanitary waste system that would not disturb patients and staff on the wards and our HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) system has not only satisfied but even exceeded expectations while also offering longevity, sustainability, long-term efficiency and reduced costs.

The Friaphon plumbing drain is specially designed to attenuate the noise produced by the ground and rainwater. Excellent sound insulation makes it far preferable to standard plastic or cast iron insulated exhaust systems. The Phonoblack soundproofing range, on the other hand, is suitable for renovation projects, because the fittings are glued directly to the existing downpipes.

The acoustic properties of Aliaxis solutions are due to the special compound of the material, a PVC enriched with minerals which ensures superior performance. Our triple layer soundproofing systems absorb sound waves, reducing noise. All these innovative solutions are the result of an in-depth study of acoustics in complex and multi-storey buildings.


System of push-fit black PVC pipes and fittings for soundproofed civil public and private drainage.

  • Certified exhaust noise 13 dB – 2 l/s
  • Fire reaction Euroclass: B s1 d0.
  • Available from d40 to d160mm