Acoustic comfort contributes to the quality of life of people and to the value of a building and the noises generated by traditional exhaust systems disturb apartment dwellers; it therefore becomes extremely important to install an adequate acoustic exhaust system. Here's how to solve the exhaust system noise problem with the Phonoblack soundproofing system
vista interna sezione su impianto scarico idrosanitario fonoisolante

What is Phonoblack?

It is the plug-in soundproofing waste system, made of black PVC-U enriched with a specific mixture of mineral fillers, fire resistant, complete with anti-vibration collars.
Tubi e raccordi nei diametri Ø 40-50-75-90-100-110-125-160
Acoustic performance
Certificazione acustica 13 dB a 2/ls

The innovative compound made with PVC-U enriched with selected mineral fillers makes it possible to achieve excellent soundproofing performance: 13 dB 2 l/s.

Fire resistant
Euroclasse di reazione al fuoco B s1 d0

Following tests carried out in external laboratories, the new compound for pipes and fittings has allowed Phonoblack® to obtain the new fire resistance classification Euroclass B s1 d0 according to the UNI EN13501 standard.

Versatile system
Innovativa mescola  PVC-U arricchito di cariche minerali

Ideal for renovations thanks to glued connections. Versatile in new creations thanks to the composition in "loaded PVC" which guarantees sturdiness, durability and high quality standards.

A high-performance complete range of patented and certified anti-vibration collars

Complete range of pipes and fittings in the diameters:
Ø40-50-75-90-100-110-125-160. Single socket (MF) and double socket (FF) pipes available in lengths: 0.25-0.50-1-2-3 m

the only soundproofing system in PVC to offer the diameter 100

The collars are essential for creating an acoustically performing system: half of the soundproofing performance can be attributed to them.

The new Phonoklip collar is patented and certified to guarantee exceptional durability and resistance, thanks to the completely plastic structure, not subject to wear.

Thanks to their design, the collars can be used both horizontally and vertically, guaranteeing both the anchoring and the sliding of the pipes inside them.

A complete range of diameters for Phonoklip collars is available: Ø 50-75-90-100-110-125-160

  • PVC system: the PVC-U material, the high thickness of the pipes and the patented collars guarantee high acoustic performance 13 dB at 2l/sec. Class Me fire resistance. Acid resistance and push-fit installation.
  • Quick installation: the advantage of a push-fit system is the saving of installation times and the ability to absorb the thermal expansion of the pipes. The gaskets allow the sliding between the pipe and the fitting, in this way expansion joints are avoided.
  • Studor active ventilation: the ventilation of the exhaust systems improves the acoustic performance and guarantees the hydraulic plugs of the siphons. Studor prevents the return of bad odors  or the resurgence of germs.


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