Eric Olsen

CEO Aliaxis

"My idea was to bring together decision makers, influencers, business leaders and generate passion around current issues of water resource management.

At Aliaxis our culture is based on the concepts of Dare - Care - Deliver.

We care to find disruptive solutions and we dare to challenge conventional knowledge to deliver on finding solutions to the global water challenge".

Natasha Wiseman

Founder and CEO of Make Water Famous

"A very important part of the water debate is that we sometimes overlook the importance of communicating these issues to a much wider audience, so that many more people join the conversation".

Beth Koigi

Cofounders and CEO of Majik Water

"We all live on the same planet, it is the only home we have, so we must take care of this fundamental resource".

Jacques Attali

Economist and writer

"I think we should be neither optimistic nor pessimistic. We have to fight. And if we act now, we will win".

Nadia Abdalla

Cofounder of Eco Genius

"We need more human-centric solutions".

Pieter Loose

CEO Ekopak

"Three or four years ago, if I had to give a speech or a conference, there were always the same people in the audience, always the same interested people.

Today with this event we can see that the community, the ecosystem that works on water reuse is increasingly larger and united".

Ari Goldfarb

CEO Kando

"People from all over the world have gathered here to learn, learn, ask questions and show a lot of interest in water.

I think what Aliaxis has done today is the way to influence the future".

Koen Verweyen

CEO Aquarius Spectrum

"Only 2% of the water in the world is drinking water, the rest is sea water, salt water. We have to act differently with that precious asset we have in our hands.

It's about everyone understanding that they have to play a role, even if it's just a small grain of sand, because small grains of sand have a huge impact".