Fire safety is a priority in any building and typically relies on a combination of active and passive protection. Aliaxis offers tested and certified fire solutions to offer unsurpassed safety in the event of an emergency.

Fire collars for exhaust systems are passive protective devices that meet stringent requirements. Made with a special intumescent material, they ensure the integrity of the fireproof element around the plastic pipes and are suitable for installation in various types of floors, walls and ceilings.

Our plastic pipe systems, unlike metal alternatives, are functional for the so-called fire compartmentation. In case of an emergency, fire collars applied to pipes close off the exhaust system, creating a barrier. This mechanism prevents the spread of flames and smoke to other parts of the building, which would otherwise be inevitable with a network of metal pipes. Compartmentation is an effective method for saving lives and minimizing structural damage.

Fire collars

Redi offers designers and installers a range of fire resistant products to ensure their work meets the highest safety standards.

Our sanitary waste systems are designed to prevent the spread of flames and limit combustion, and the EN1366-3 and ETAG026-2 fire collars contribute to fire prevention.


System of push-fit black PVC pipes and fittings for soundproofed civil public and private drainage.

  • Certified exhaust noise 13 dB – 2 l/s
  • Fire reaction Euroclass: B s1 d0.
  • Available from d40 to d160mm

PVC-U Redi

REDI System PVC-U Soil & Waste solvent welded fittings are compliant to the EN1 329 ("Plastics piping systems for soil and waste discharge, low and high temperature, within the building structure - Unplasticized Polyvinyl Chloride").
B s2 d0 Fire Reaction Euroclass