Designed to offer a complete solution for any drainage application from roofs, sinks and showers our systems manage the water flow with maximum safety and efficiency, based on integrated networks that can be adapted to the most complex projects.

The use of plastic components means high performance and a long service life. From Nicoll plastic gutters, among the best on the market, to Isea rainwater recycling systems, our range offers a wide choice of solutions, to be evaluated based on the dimensions of the roof and the drain connections. Simple joining techniques also save time and money during installation.

The wastewater used for personal hygiene (grey water) is brought back to a hygienically pure state through the ISEA purification plant.

This range of durable, high performance products is complemented by fully integrated technical support, from the early design stages through to completion, including:

●       Selection of the most suitable product

●       Drainage system design

●       Flow rate calculation

●       Installation consultancy

immagine del prodotto per recuperare le acque grigie di Aliaxis

Gray water recovery

Bathroom wastewater reuse systems make it possible to reuse gray water for watering green areas, washing vehicles, toilet cisterns and washing laundry.

Recovery of rainwater

The systems for the reuse of rainwater from roofs and coverings allow the reuse of white water for toilet flushing, the washing machine or garden irrigation.

immagine dei pozzetti pluviali Aliaxis

Rain wells

Well for the collection of rainwater from rainwater columns.
Traps thanks to the sliding bulkhead, which can be inspected, light and easy to install, ideal for installation in pedestrian areas.