Efficient systems for continuous performance

The rapid increase in online shopping globally requires more and more facilities to handle the demand. Huge and crowded, these new logistics centers are constantly in operation, so they need efficient systems that can offer continuous performance.

One of the main problems of logistics and industrial centers is the drainage of large quantities of rainwater. Aliaxis has thought of sophisticated siphonic drainage solutions based on proven principles and developed according to scientific criteria to manage the most intense rainfall.

Since these buildings often require the installation of hundreds of roof drains and thousands of meters of pipes, exemplary skills are needed to successfully complete all phases of design, engineering and installation.

The industry leaders responsible for these facilities, which have earned a global reputation, come to Aliaxis because they know we are reliable partners and take care of every detail. Efficient, resistant and of high quality, our piping systems make it possible to compose complete and tailor-made solutions for every need, compliant with the highest international standards.

Systems for industrial and logistics buildings

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