In a world affected by the consequences of climate change, managing runoff wastewater efficiently is now a priority. Aliaxis provides solutions for rainwater recovery plants and their treatment in order to be gradually reintroduced into the water cycle with responsible methods. These solutions not only help to conserve one of our most precious natural resources, but also lighten the load on stormwater drainage networks.

Our products are compatible with most underground rainwater storage systems (by infiltration, attenuation or collection without distinction) and allow you to create a temporary reserve to be reintroduced little by little into the network, infiltrating it at the source or reusing it through rainwater recovery systems.

sistema modulare per la dispersione acque meteoriche nel terreno

Waterlock system for infiltration and accumulation of runoff and first rainwater.

The Waterloc modular system is the effective and innovative solution for the accumulation and reuse cycle of run-off and first rainwater.

The excess water can be temporarily accumulated and gradually discharged into the sewer, dispersed in the ground or conveyed to the treatment plant for subsequent reuse.

pozzetti d'ispezione reti fognarie

Romold manhole inspection chamber

Plastic manholes are used where longevity, easy handling, absolute water tightness and corrosion resistance are required. Thanks to their long useful life, ROMOLD manholes guarantee longer payback times for the sewage works. The range includes inspection manholes DN 1000 – 800 – 625 – 500 and kinetic energy dissipating manholes.

ISEA impianto trattamento acque meteoriche di prima pioggia

Rain water treatment plant Isea

Treatment plants rainwater separator, with continuous accumulation, for the correct disposal of runoff water in accordance with current regulations.

The correct dimensioning of the system during the design and installation phases prevents pollution of watercourses and land.