Consulting for complex applications

Aliaxis solutions installed in modern offices, commercial buildings and leisure facilities help create environments tailored to each type of user. The pipes for buildings used for commercial and work use are of various types, based on the systems installed: air conditioners, hot and cold water distribution systems, drains...

Aliaxis solutions have been chosen to build state-of-the-art offices, prestigious sports centres, new shopping malls and many other prominent projects around the world. Our lightweight and easy to connect plastic systems, combined with an all-round technical support and consultancy service, represent a huge advantage when the work schedule is tight.

Aliaxis piping systems are ideal for air conditioners and chilled water systems, as they maintain an optimal temperature for office users and adequately cool data center premises. Our products offer a constant and quality water supply, which guarantees the cleanliness and safety of buildings with a high concentration of users.

We also provide efficient solutions for complex applications of various nature, from silent exhausts for conference rooms and cinemas to safe and functional systems for petrol stations and emergency fuel supply.

Systems for commercial and office buildings

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