Aliaxis Italia has developed a compact system that allows the reuse of water from showers and sinks and water from roofs and coverings.

The Italian consumption of drinking water of an average family is around 200 m3 a year, but only a small part is actually used for drinking and cooking. In civilian homes, about 50% of the daily requirement can be supplied by water recovery for uses such as watering green areas, washing vehicles, toilet cisterns and washing laundry.

Grafico a torta con percentuali di utilizzo delle acque di riciclo

The current real estate trend sees a recovery in the prices of houses built in energy class A or B: properties with systems that integrate new technologies for energy and water saving maintain their value more over time.

Architecture today must take into account the sustainability of buildings, and it is to this need that Aliaxis responds with solutions for the recovery and reuse of water.

Having a water recycling system means actually taking care of the environment.

The advantages of using ISEA branded Aliaxis solutions:

  • Sustainable construction: a water recovery and recycling system contributes to the LED classification of the building
  • Water saving: with RIUSA solutions, drinking water consumption can be reduced by up to 50%.
  • Compliance with regulations: all ISEA branded systems comply with current regulations and standards
  • Volumetric incentives: obtainable thanks to measures for the adequate drainage and storage of rainwater
Immagine impianto di riciclo e riutilizzo delle acque piovane

Reuse of rainwater

Immagine impianto di riciclo e riutilizzo delle acque grigie

Gray water reuse

Recovery and reuse of rainwater

Why recover rainwater?

It is estimated that in civilian homes about 50% of the daily water requirement (which corresponds to a per capita daily request ranging between 150 and 200 litres) can be supplied by the recovery of rainwater.

The uses that lend themselves best to being served by recovered rainwater are toilet cisterns, washing laundry, watering green areas (gardens) and washing vehicles.

elenco dei vantaggi di utilizzare soluzioni Aliaxis per riciclo acque piovane
immagine dell'impianto ISEA per il recupero delle acque piovane

The ones that it is preferable to keep fed from the aqueduct are instead the bathtub, the shower, the washing of the dishes and other uses more related to hygiene (cooking, body care, etc.).

An additional advantage of this system is obtained in the case of the washing machine: the recovered rainwater is free of limescale and therefore implies the absence of limescale deposits in the pipes and on the electrical resistances of the washing machines (washing machines), with consequent electricity savings; moreover, the lower hardness of rainwater also results in lower consumption of detergents (up to 50%).

Immagine del prodotto ISEA riusa plus


Automatic system for the recovery and reuse of rainwater for irrigation and domestic use (irrigation of green areas, excluding cultivation of vegetables), washing of vehicles, cleaning of courtyard areas, toilet cisterns, washing of laundry.

immagine del prodotto ISEA riusa plus flat


Automatic system for irrigation and domestic use (toilets and washing machines). It is particularly suitable for installation in all those circumstances where deep digging becomes difficult or uneconomical.

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Recovery and reuse of gray water

Why recover gray water?

From the single single-family house to the large residential and commercial complex, today it is necessary to assume a responsible attitude on the subject of "water". Reducing the consumption of drinking water is a personal and collective interest, from which great benefits can be obtained. Water is a limited resource whose value we often forget both in ethical and economic terms.

Why choose the Aliaxis Italia gray water recovery and reuse system?

Aliaxis Italia has developed a system for filtering and reusing gray water for irrigation and domestic use, which saves 50% of the drinking water in a home and reduces its environmental impact.

Wastewater used for personal hygiene (grey water) is brought back to a hygienically pure state through a multiple process, biological treatment, ultrafiltration and UV sterilisation.

The biological-mechanical filtration process does not require impacting chemical additives. The treated water meets the requirements of the EU standard for bathing water.

Elenco dei vantaggi di utilizzo impianto di recupero acque grigie di Aliaxis
immagine del prodotto per recuperare le acque grigie di Aliaxis


Thanks to the compactness of the Aliaxis Italia system, to the fact that it is pre-assembled in the factory, installation is easier and safer. The machine is designed for very low maintenance and very low operating costs, thanks to the automatic backwashing system and the construction that is easily accessible for maintenance.

Houses equipped with energy saving systems maintain their value more over time. In fact, the current trend of real estate sees a recovery in the prices of houses built in energy class with new technologies.

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