A safe and reliable underground drainage system is essential to protect both the environment and communities. To meet this need, Aliaxis offers a complete range of sustainable and long-lasting solutions.

The REDI brand portfolio for underground applications includes quick-to-install drainage systems, which ensure on the one hand regular performance, on the other hand the integrity of the sewer network. Inspection wells and non-return valves are also available to prevent the backflow of sewage.

Aliaxis solutions are flexible, lightweight and intended for residential, commercial or large-scale projects, perfect for those who want to reduce installation costs without sacrificing long-term efficiency.

EN1329 building line

REDI Construction Line: a wide range of fittings and special pieces in PVC-U for low and high temperature waste systems, inside and outside the building. Available from Ø32 to Ø500.

Fittings and special pieces EN1401

Wide range of fittings and special pieces in PVC for underground waste pipes.

REDI PVC sewer fittings are suitable for the construction of underground pipelines for the conveyance of civil and industrial waste water (white, black and mixed water) and industrial, agricultural waste and waste water in general.

immagine dei prodotti easyclip

Easyclip connection fitting

Easyclip is a connection fitting that allows you to make the connection (Ø160 and Ø200) to a duct.
The anchoring of the fitting is mechanical, with no need for adhesives, and is suitable both for installations on new and for installations on existing manifolds.

Non-return valves

The non-return valve is installed in the drain pipes and allows the normal flow of water into the public sewer, preventing its backflow in the event of an overload of the sewers.

immagine dei prodotti pozzetti per fognatura REDI

Inspection wells

The REDI Sewer Pozzetti are part of the special pieces for underground pipelines for conveying civil, industrial and agricultural waste water discharges.

immagine dei prodotti sifoni per fognatura

PVC siphons

Inspectable siphons for black water, gray water and white water, available from d100 to d500mm, to solve the problem of bad smells associated with underground pipes.

Small O-R exhaust

REDI Small O-Ring Drain fittings are made using only quality raw materials as required by the EN 1329 standard.

The joint of the REDI Piccolo exhaust fittings is push-fit, with a pre-assembled and pre-lubricated O-Ring gasket.