The importance of sewage for environmental protection

The construction of a sewer for the disposal of urban waste must be carried out in compliance with technical and regulatory requirements, to safeguard the community by preserving the quality of the environment in which we live.

Urban settlements have changed our planet's ability to dispose of both rainwater and wastewater from homes, industries, shopping centres, rest areas, service stations and car washes.

When a sewer system is not in perfect condition, there may be accidental leaks that cause damage to the environment, people or things.

Thanks to their modularity, the special REDI-branded pvc sewerage pieces allow you to quickly create a wastewater drainage system, in compliance with sewerage regulations, helping to avoid groundwater and land pollution.

The PVC special pieces for sewers are solutions certified by internationally recognized bodies.

The Water Cycle

The water that arrives in our homes is safe because it has been subjected to a rigorous series of checks and in the same way it must be made safe before being reintroduced into the water cycle. To protect the environment in which we live, we must guarantee collection, conveyance and purification according to current regulations.

The correct sizing of the sewerage network is the first step to ensure the collection and conveyance of wastewater, avoiding overloading the network.

The purification phase is equally delicate because the wastewater (black and grey) is returned to a hygienically pure state through a multiple process: biological treatment, ultrafiltration and UV sterilization.

Thanks to systems for filtrating and recovering gray water for irrigation and domestic use, it is also possible to reduce the consumption of drinking water with 50% savings, thus also reducing the environmental impact of homes and businesses.

modello illustrativo del ciclo integrato dell'acqua

The correct sizing of a sewer

To proceed with the correct sizing of an urban drainage network, Aliaxis supplies the Algopipe 4.0 software designed for simple and fast design thanks to its ease of use.

This tool, designed for designers, allows you to quickly obtain results in terms of sizing and bill of quantities, to immediately give an answer to the customer.

The output is completed by a report on the calculations performed which shortens the designer's preparation time and increases the project management capacity thanks to the free cloud archiving service.

Special pieces for PVC sewers

Schema d'impianto di scarico a norma completo di tubi, raccordi e pezzi speciali per un idoneo smaltimento dei reflui civili

Scheme of standardized sewerage system, complete with PVC pipes and fittings for sewerage and special pieces (siphon, degreaser, inspection wells, anti-return valve) for suitable disposal of civil wastewater.


The Firenze siphon and the A-N siphon are used to drain civil and industrial water (white, black and mixed water) and must be installed outside the building.
The siphons can be inspected by unscrewing the cap/s, the A-N siphon is self-cleaning and set up for secondary ventilation and thanks to the high siphon stop it solves the problems of bad smells coming from the ducts.
The range offers different types of siphons for glue or push-fit joints.

Sifone A-N a marchio REDI in PVC per fognatura
Degrassatore ISEA per fognatura


The ISEA brand degreaser is made of monobloc polyethylene and is used for the pre-treatment of gray water (soapy water from kitchens, sinks, washing machines and dishwashers) before being introduced into the public sewage system or a purification plant.

Its function is to retain the oils present in domestic water and thanks to the simplicity of the treatment they allow a modular installation based on the sizing needs of the system.

The simplicity of management and maintenance and the absence of electricity consumption increase its practicality.

Wells for sewerage

The inspection wells are part of the special pieces for PVC sewers for conveying:

  • Discharges of civil and industrial wastewater (white, black and mixed waters)
  • Industrial, agricultural and wastewater discharges in general within the limit of the chemical resistance of the materials

The sewer inspection well represents the point of access and connection to the sewer system in order to carry out inspections and cleaning.

pozzetto fognatura in pvc a marchio REDI
Vasca Imhoff a marchio ISEA per il pretrattamento delle acque nere di origine civile

Imhoff tub

Imhoff monobloc polyethylene biological tanks are characterized by a ribbed structure and a reinforced cap and are recommended for the pre-treatment of sewage of civil origin before delivery to the sewer or upstream of a suitable purification plant.

Ottima non-return valve

The Ottima sewer non-return valve allows the normal flow of water into the public sewer, preventing its backflow in the event of an overload of the sewers.

valvola anti riflusso Ottima per fognatura
Il raccordo di connessione Easyclip permette di realizzare l’allaccio ad una condotta fognaria

Easy Clip connector

Easyclip is a connection fitting that allows you to make the connection (Ø160 and Ø200) to a duct.
The anchoring of the fitting is mechanical, with no need for adhesives, and is suitable both for installations on new and for installations on existing manifolds.

Go to the Easy Clip Configurator to choose the correct mechanical connection for your system

Aliaxis solutions comply with current regulations and offer a range of flexible and lightweight products intended for residential, commercial or large-scale projects, perfect for those who want to reduce installation costs without sacrificing long-term efficiency.

schema renderizzato di un impianto di allaccio alla fognatura fuori dall'edificio

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