The creation of waterproof surfaces: roofs, squares, roads, in the event of heavy rains can cause the accumulation of water, in order to manage this quantity of water and avoid damage it is necessary to design and build a good drainage network.

The function of a drainage network is to convey rainwater to be treated before being released into nature. REDI offers a wide range of PVC and PP products with which it is possible to create different types of soil drainage networks.

For the purposes of the calculation, there are two different approaches for the conveyance of surface water: Localized evacuation and Linear evacuation, in relation to the size of the land to be drained, the rainfall intensity and frequency, the architectural requirements and the use of the surface in question.

Grilled channels

The wide range of REDI grated channels allows you to solve all rainwater drainage problems in car parks, courtyards, squares, garages, etc.

The special invisible grid that leaves the aesthetics of the flooring unchanged  is ideal for installations on terraces, design pools and gardens.

Siphoned manhole covers

REDI manhole covers are particularly suitable for the collection and drainage of rainwater and white water. They can be installed in outdoor areas such as courtyards, garages, balconies, attics or in indoor areas such as public places, industrial kitchens, collective showers, etc.

Wells and lids

REDI Monolithic Manholes and Covers can be used as an inspection chamber for clear and rainwater or as an inspection box for electrical or earthing junctions.
Installation in pedestrian areas or areas subject to light traffic is recommended.

Garden line

Monolithic wells in PP with green frame, grids and lids, recommended for all "sealed" installations with inspection or for garden irrigation.

Modular channel in PP with green colored class A15 grating.