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As world population growth progresses, in the future billions of people will find themselves living in the skyscrapers of megacities – huge metropolitan areas with more than 10 million inhabitants.

To adapt to this trend, cities are developing skyward: in increasingly densely populated urban areas, most citizens already live in apartment complexes in multi-storey buildings.

The vertical structure of the skyscrapers presents infrastructural criticalities that can only be solved with innovative solutions, capable of guaranteeing comfort, safety and efficiency for all occupants.

From this point of view, plastic offers numerous advantages, ranging from saving resources to reduced maintenance costs throughout the useful life of the product. Our newly developed solutions are functional over the long term and include integrated and tailor-made systems that considerably limit the total cost of ownership.

Aliaxis is a supplier to multimillion-dollar projects such as the Universal Tower in the Costa Rican capital, San José. The new skyscraper, which will house IT multinationals of the caliber of Microsoft, will have a total of 22 floors and will draw on our extensive portfolio of systems dedicated to high-rise buildings.

Aliaxis never stops cultivating its know-how and developing revolutionary systems. With this in mind, we have entered into a research partnership with Heriot-Watt University (HWU) in Edinburgh, Scotland, to study new waste systems that make it possible to make multi-storey towers even safer and healthier environments.

And because ideas need to be tested before they go into production, we built the world's tallest drainage test rig at the Aliaxis High-Rise Solution Center in Northampton, UK: the National Lift Tower. At over 127 metres, the tower was originally intended for elevator testing and is perfect for evaluating exhaust and ventilation solutions for multi-storey buildings.

Our investments in testing and research activities are resulting in out-of-the-box concepts to overcome the challenges arising from these particular structures. Because even living on the upper floors must be comfortable, sustainable and safe.

Systems for multi-storey buildings

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