To make the water supply of buildings safe and regular, quality solutions are needed that are able to distribute healthy water at the desired pressure and temperature.

Aliaxis offers lightweight, durable and easy to install piping systems for the supply of hot and cold water. An example? Fluxo, our flagship system for creating cutting-edge systems thanks to a brand new range of high-performance polymer fittings and an innovative design without gaskets, which has the advantage of reducing installation times and improving reliability.

Our industry-leading System'O system for hot water systems and the SuperFLO ABS system for cold water have allowed us to complete multimillion-dollar projects with significant savings in time and money, while guaranteeing unchanged performance over the years.

Aliaxis supplies products for air conditioning systems, chilled water systems or pressurized systems for the distribution of cold water. Our solutions are all resistant to limescale and corrosion and, consequently, require very little maintenance.

Our plastic piping systems reduce labor and are particularly beneficial where the building structure makes it difficult to install piping. Customers appreciate our products because they offer superior advantages over traditional metal pipes, primarily corrosion resistance and prompt joining techniques.


Modern and simple, this system combines the advantages of high-tech multilayer pipes with specially designed brass fittings.

With just a few actions: cutting the pipe, chamfering, inserting the fitting and pressing … the joint is made with impeccable simplicity and speed!

System'O HTA PVC-C

SYSTEM'O in HTA PVC-C, sanitary water supply system with excellent resistance to the chemical and thermal treatments recommended for the containment of bacterial proliferation, particularly Legionella.


The SuperFLO ABS system consists of a pipe, fittings and valves and is dedicated to the transport of pressurized fluids at low temperatures.

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PP-R Wefatherm

The Wefatherm PP-R adduction system is manufactured by WEFA in compliance with DIN8077/78 regulations.

Sectors of use: potable water, sanitary applications, domestic hot water

Fluxo gas

The Fluxo Gas multilayer pipe is produced according to the UNI/TS11344 standard and certified by Kiwa Quality.

The elastic memory facilitates installation by reducing the use of fittings compared to metallic gas adduction systems.