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Aliaxis works behind the scenes of accommodation facilities to ensure that the plumbing systems and exhaust systems are noise-proof and, always, perfectly functional because nothing can give you a night of healthy rest, even away from home, like effective soundproofing.

Yet, hotel bathrooms are often a source of noise that disturb sleep, causing tiredness, stress and irritability.

However well designed a bathroom may be, ultimately comfort depends on a single detail: the silence of the mechanisms.

Provider of excellent services and products for the hotel sector, Aliaxis has a very specific objective, regardless of the type of building or the operator: to put superior quality at the service of the most prestigious building projects in the world. In addition to a wide choice of compact solutions for hotels, we offer systems that are always reliable in performance.

Many properties were built before there was talk of sustainability and energy efficiency, and while developers intend to comply with these modern standards, they also want to preserve the original character of the properties. Our state-of-the-art solutions are in great demand for hotels, both new and historic, because they are designed with sustainability and resource optimization in mind.

Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of Aliaxis' corporate culture, as evidenced by the information and environmental declarations that accompany the entire life cycle of the products.

The path to becoming "green" hotels no longer involves exaggerated outlays and long waits to obtain a return on investment: the excellent cost/performance ratio of our systems has already made it possible to modernize many structures by combining best practices and sustainability.

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