The new FLS M9.10 indicator and transmitter is a powerful tool designed to handle one analog and one frequency signal (or two analog signals) issued by any type of device with a 4-20mA or frequency output.

The M9.10 indicator is equipped with a large 4" graphic display which clearly displays the measured values and many other useful information.

The color display and powerful backlighting make it easy to determine the measurement status even from a distance.

The software provides assistance to minimize errors and speed up the configuration of all parameters to the maximum.

4-20mA input calibrations can be done by correcting 2 points and 1 point or using a reference value with the new “Online Calibration”. Frequency input calibration can be done by tweaking the setup functions or by using a reference value with the new “Online Calibration”.

Two independent 4-20mA outputs are available to communicate measurements to an external remote device.

A suitable combination of digital outputs (2 solid state relays and 2 relays) allows you to customize the configuration to control any process.

The USB port on the rear allows you to update the software with a wide range of standard and optional customization services.


  • Industrial waste water treatment
  • Civil waste water treatment
  • Water treatment processes
  • Processing and manufacturing industry
  • Processing of chemicals
  • Industrial environment with electromagnetic interference


  • Large graphic display
  • Color backlight
  • Help online
  • Simultaneous display of two parameters
  • Free setting of the unit of measure
  • Intuitive calibration procedure
  • In-line adjustment on real sample
  • Ability to handle active and passive analog signals
  • USB port for software update

Compatibility of FLS products

Compatibility of FLS instruments with insertion rotor and electromagnetic flow sensors, in line for low flow rates and with oval wheels, with potentiometric and inductive conductivity sensors and level and pressure transmitter.


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