The FLS 400 line of glass bodied pH/ORP electrodes have been designed for a wide range of applications.

The ceramic joint ensures high performance in terms of pressure and temperature.

Different types of ceramic junctions are available for various solutions, depending on the application requirements: annular for faster response time, 3-diaphragm for higher pressure.

Standard double junctions also prevent contamination of the reference solution and ensure long life.

Models with long external cable (9 m) or with connection head (S7) are also available.


  • Water treatment
  • Neutralization plants
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Process control
  • Agriculture and fertilizers
  • Galvanic tanneries
  • Cooling towers and scrubbers


  • Glass body
  • Sensors suitable for extreme applications
  • Simple and economical installation
  • Inexpensive installation adapters
  • Special models available on request
  • High performance electrodes

Compatibility of FLS products

Compatibility of FLS bulb and flat pH/ORP electrodes with FLS instruments.


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