FLS HF6 is a new family of transmitters suitable for hydrostatic level/depth measurement and pressure monitoring.

The PVDF body and ceramic diaphragm with FPM sealing system form an optimal material combination for contact with liquids.

The semi-flush diaphragm ensures correct and prolonged operation with viscous fluids and liquids that tend to crystallize.

The products of the HF6 family are also suitable for applications with clean water, in case the customer wants to optimize the operating times.

The compact design fits all main applications related to aggressive and corrosive liquids, providing different installation solutions: screw-in (in combination with a valve or FIP adapter), immersion with PUR cable inserted in a pipe and immersion with PUR cable / FEP in contact with the liquid.

The availability of other measuring ranges, the selectable length of the cables and the choice of sealing materials allow to create a customized solution to fully satisfy the customers' requirements.


  • Storage tank management
  • Control of liquid stocks
  • Excess flow detection
  • Monitoring of water and wastewater
  • Processing of chemicals
  • Storage area management
  • Water recycling


  • Level/pressure/depth measurement performed by the same transmitter
  • Level measurement unaffected by foam or steam
  • Combination of advanced materials in contact with liquids
  • Semi-facing ceramic diaphragm for extended operating times
  • Options for gauge pressure and absolute pressure
  • Flexible immersion installation (with or without duct)
  • Other measuring ranges available on request: full scale at 600 mbar, 1600 mbar, 2500 mbar, 4000 mbar, 6000 mbar, 25 bar, 40 bar (relative or absolute mode).

Compatibility of FLS products

Compatibility of the level and pressure transmitter with FLS instruments.


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