FLS M9.20 is a smart battery operated flow indicator designed to convert the frequency signal of FLS sensors into flow rate.

The M9.20 indicator is equipped with a long-lasting lithium battery which also powers the sensors.

The large 4" display shows the measured values very clearly. The main parameters can be configured with an initial guided procedure.

For a calibration or alignment using an extremely intuitive online calibration procedure, a reference flow can be used.

A safety icon alerts you when it's time to replace the battery and the instrument automatically stores all main parameters.

A customizable string allows you to easily display the display level.

The M9.20 indicator is equipped with a USB port which facilitates software updating by the end user.


  • Remote distribution systems
  • Mobile monitoring systems
  • Irrigation and fertilization
  • Groundwater reclamation
  • Swimming pools and spas
  • Liquid dispensing systems


  • Large display
  • Long lasting battery
  • Installation flexibility
  • Multilingual menu
  • When the battery is replaced, data is not lost
  • USB port for software update

Compatibility of FLS products

Compatibility of FLS instruments with insertion and electromagnetic rotor flow sensors, in-line for low flow rates and with oval wheels.


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