The new 870 line pH electrodes feature a solid Ryton body combined with a flat self-cleaning surface and reliable Pt1000 to ensure accurate measurements of dirty liquids and aggressive solutions.

A large joint size improves performance in the presence of suspended solids.

The new 870 electrodes allow for direct installation using the ¾" thread in the body, in-line installation using the threads on the bottom of the electrode, or submersible installation using the threads on the electrode socket.

Models are also available for specific installations: horizontal mounting (-HM), low conductivity samples (-LC), aggressive solutions (HF<2%)/low pH values (-HF).


  • Processing and manufacturing industry
  • Processing of chemicals
  • Water treatment processes
  • Cooling processes
  • Heating processes


  • Combined temperature sensor
  • Electrodes with flat surface
  • Solid Ryton Body
  • Double threaded body for in-line and submersible installations
  • Double junction technology
  • HM option for horizontal mounting
  • HF option for liquids containing hydrofluoric acid (max 2%)
  • LC option for liquids with conductivity below 100 µS/cm

Compatibility of FLS products

Compatibility of FLS bulb and flat pH/ORP electrodes with FLS instruments.


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