Corrosion resistance and light weight

In recent years, the need to move people and goods in an ever faster and easier way has led to a consistent development of the maritime sector and consequently of the shipbuilding industry.

Today, cruise ships are veritable floating cities, where guests expect to find ever new activities and superior comfort. In order not to disregard these expectations, the boats must be safe, comfortable, but also ready in a reasonable time and without excessive costs.

Compared to traditional metal solutions, thermoplastic systems for conveying fluids are the ideal option for shipbuilding, due to their resistance to corrosion and because they are much lighter, as well as being quick and easy to install.

Aliaxis offers robust and high quality plastic systems specially designed to reduce the weight and noise of civil and military vessels, as well as solutions for fire prevention and to minimize the risk of propagation of the legionella bacterium.

Our products ensure uniform and constant performance for the entire time of use and a local technical assistance service is always available for any type of advice.

Aliaxis solutions lend themselves to various maritime applications, including:

  • Cruise Ships, Ferries
  • Fishing boats and trawlers
  • Mega yachts
  • Merchant and military fleets
  • Offshore plants and platforms

The advantages of plastic components for the shipbuilding industry

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In the sections below you will find technical, regulatory, operational insights and details on products and solutions as well as the possibility of contacting our experts directly and knowing our references on specific applications and processes of the shipbuilding industry.

prese per impianto antincendio
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The SRtP (Safe Return to Port) regulation, within the SOLAS regulations
palazzo della Organizzazione Internazionale Marittima
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New requirements against the spread of flame and the risk of fire on board
operazione di scarico delle acque di zavorra dai boccaporti di prua
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The control and management of ballast water to protect marine ecosystems

Systems for conveying pressurized fluids for shipbuilding