Aliaxis provides light, resistant and safe PVC-U and PVC-C components for the most advanced solutions in shipbuilding.

Aliaxis with its companies is the world leader in the management and supply of drinking water, white, gray and black in construction, industry and agriculture. Now it is ready to give its contribution of innovation and quality to the shipbuilding industry too.

Aliaxis has selected and collected the best of world companies, brands and articles for the construction of civil, industrial and irrigation systems. Companies recognized as world leaders in the conveyance of liquids and drinking water with experiences covering the last 70 years of recent history.

Today the Aliaxis Group supports technicians, designers and shipyards in the construction of plants for:

  • Essential systems
  • Hot and cold water
  • Black and gray waters
  • Ballast water treatment
  • Pools and SPAs
  • Water Treatment
  • Exhaust gas scrubber
  • HVAC systems
  • Compressed air
  • Ice making

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Why use PVC components for marine systems?

Compared to metal, the only solution used until a few years ago for the various plants, there are many advantages that are causing a shift in the interest of shipyards, technicians and designers towards the use of different types of PVC. Let's see which ones:
  • Lightness

It is clear to everyone that plastic has a decidedly lower specific weight than iron. Considering that a cruise ship can have even more than 100 km of system pipes, replacing metal with PVC can lead to a significant reduction in its overall weight, minimizing fuel consumption and making its navigation more sustainable.

  • Still lightness

Compared to metal, PVC components are easier to handle, transport and handle during all installation and maintenance phases.

  • Ease of assembly

The various components are designed for simple and quick assembly: they do not require special techniques or equipment but are assembled by threading or by cold welding. This also allows rapid replacement of any sections, reducing ship downtime to a minimum.

  • Absence of corrosion

PCV does not undergo corrosion and therefore does not rust, as is the case with metal. The saline, the sea water and even the chlorine of the on-board swimming pool water do not affect the different parts of the systems. This results in a drastic reduction of damage to the pipes, with a consequent reduction in the necessary maintenance.

  • Algae

The almost zero roughness of the internal surfaces of pipes, fittings and valves effectively counteracts the formation of algae and biofauna inside the systems. This preserves the efficiency of the system for a long time, drastically reducing maintenance interventions.

  • Noise

The choice of materials and the careful design of the various components of the Aliaxis group brands contribute to the reduction of the general noise of the structure, also thanks to a greater attenuation of vibrations.

  • Vibrations

The vibrations can generate the unfastening of the valves installed on the conveying lines. Thanks to the patented locking system, the Dualblock series guarantees safety and tightness, not being affected by vibrations.

  • Fire

Thanks to the long and profound knowledge of plastic materials, Aliaxis offers products in line with the most restrictive MSC 399 regulations, relating to fire behavior.

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Our references

We at Aliaxis already have important references in the naval world, including:

  • Shipyards: Zelenodolsk Shipyard, Vittoria Shipyard, Tersan Shipyard, Fincantieri, Palumbo Superyacht, San Giorgio del Porto, Sokolskaya Shipyard;
  • Ships: Carnival Splendor, Horizon 6108, My Triple Seven, AFRICAN LIFTER, ELI AKASO.

Aliaxis solutions have been chosen by OEMs such as ERMA FIRST S.A. and specialized distributors including Technotrade and United Marine. Important evidence of the quality of our products and of our consultancy service in assisting designers, technicians and companies in the selection of the most suitable components for the performance required of us.

The sectors of use of our products

Aliaxis offers robust and high-quality plastic systems for conveying fluids specially designed to reduce weight and noise on board civil and military vessels, as well as solutions for fire prevention and to minimize the risk of legionella bacteria spreading .

Wastewater treatment and fresh water generation

The need to treat the wastewater produced on board ships before being discharged into the sea to prevent any form of pollution of the marine environment has made their design phase even more complex.

The separation of gray and black wastewater requires treatment systems that reduce the load of organic contaminants, in line with the legislation of the International Maritime Organization (IMO). The combination of a membrane bioreactor (MBR) with a reverse osmosis system is one of the most effective systems.

Safely transporting the liquids to be treated or already treated by the respective on-board systems is a task that our lines of PVC-U and PVC-C pipes and fittings, FLS instrumentation and VKD-Dualblock valves perform at their best.

Aliaxis has product lines for freshwater generation systems, those that transform seawater into process water. The same systems that filter and disinfect water also have the task of regulating the hardness and mineralization of fresh water produced and stored for human use and consumption.

The Aliaxis systems of PVC-U or PVC-C pipes and fittings, the FLS instrumentation for monitoring water conductivity and the VKD-Dualblock valves are already successfully used on cruise ships in cooling systems, or for the service waters of non-potable users or for potable water.

Hot and cold water treatment

The need to guarantee the hygienic safety of closed environments, such as the confined spaces and high attendance of cruise ships, is increasingly pressing today. Avoiding bacteriological and biofilm proliferations, preventing the risk of contamination, obliges you to monitor all sanitary and drinking water systems. The systems are precisely the privileged places for the accumulation and development of bacteria, such as Legionella in hot water circuits and Pseudomonas in domestic cold water networks. The presence of biofilms, corrosion phenomena and limescale deposits in the pipes are factors that favor their proliferation, affecting the efficiency of the circuits themselves.

To limit the development of bacteria in the circuits, 3 operations are carried out:
• combat the formation of limescale deposits and pipe corrosion

• maintain high or increase the temperature of the water in the systems

• avoid water stagnation by guaranteeing constant circulation.

These measures can include shock or continuous treatments, both chemical and thermal. Having systems capable of withstanding these treatments over time is essential to keep the systems safe and the ship in perfect working order.

The Fluxo flexible multilayer piping system, the PP-R/PP-RCT pipe and fittings system for polyfusion and electrofusion and the System'O PVC-C pipe and fittings system, compliant with MSC.399, are the answer of Aliaxis to address these important health risks on ships.

Ballast water treatment

In the past years, ballast water loading and unloading operations in different geographical areas have produced significant imbalances in local marine ecosystems caused by the introduction of invasive species. The most effective way to limit the spread of non-native species transported in ballast water is to prevent their introduction.

For this reason, the Ballast Water Management Convention (BWMC) of 2017 requires ships to treat the water contained in their tanks to remove invasive species such as Undaria Asiatica, Cholera vibrio, European green crab, Stella North Pacific Navy or render them harmless before unloading at the ports of arrival.

For the delicate preservation of the variety of different marine environments, systems must be used that guarantee maximum safety. The PE 100 pipe and fitting systems for electrofusion, the FLS measuring instrumentation, the Straub mechanical joints for metal and plastic pipes and the FK Heavy Duty butterfly valves with handle block are the tools that Aliaxis makes available to designers, technicians and shipyards to prevent the spread of harmful alien species in marine environments distant from those of origin.

Black and gray water treatment

Since the 1970s, the problem of managing waste water produced by ships has led over 160 countries to sign the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships, known as MARPOL 73/78.

Discharges of waste water or "black water" into the sea are in fact prohibited with the exception of certain specific conditions provided for by the Convention.

The increase in passengers on cruise ships over the last decade, calculated at 10% per year, has multiplied the number of ships and their dimensions, resulting in a significant increase in the volume of black and gray water produced.

To safeguard the well-being of the planet's seas, the most attentive and responsible companies have launched processes for the further modernization of systems and equipment aimed at the treatment and purification of waste water and sludge management.

Also for these specific processes Aliaxis has product lines that offer the best performance on the market, such as Frialen's PE 100 pipes and fittings systems for electrofusion, the Phonoblack PVC-U pipes and fittings system with push-fit connection and the Straub-Flex mechanical joints for metal and plastic pipes.

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Aliaxis Group products for shipbuilding

Our products ensure uniform and constant performance for the entire time of use, offering excellent chemical and mechanical resistance to the typical stresses of marine applications.

Present with offices and branches in over 45 countries, our support and consultancy services on the project and technical assistance on the products are always available locally in the world.


Technical data

  • Standards for pipes: UNI EN ISO 15493, UNI EN ISO 1452
  • Size range: d12mm - 315mm
  • Junction: Cold welding
  • Temperature range: 0°C ÷ +60°C
  • Nominal pressure PN16 - PN10 with water at 20 °C
  • Seal materials: EPDM, FKM
  • Wide range of ball, butterfly and diaphragm valves manually operated and with electric or pneumatic actuator


  • Simple, rapid and safe joint l Inert to galvanic corrosion
  • Abrasion resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • Good fire behavior (compliance with low flame spread test according to ASTM D 635, FTP code)


Technical data

  • Standard for pipes: UNI EN ISO 15493
  • Size range: d16mm - 225mm
  • Junction: Cold welding
  • Temperature range: 0°C ÷ +100°C
  • Nominal pressure PN16 - PN10 with water at 20 °C
  • Seal materials: EPDM, FKM
  • Wide range of ball, butterfly and diaphragm valves manually operated and with electric or pneumatic actuator


  • Simple, fast and safe joint. High thermal resistance
  • Limited linear thermal expansion l Low surface roughness
  • Excellent fire behavior (compliance with low flame spread test according to ASTM D 635, FTP code)


The FLS range of instruments offers a vast selection of sensors and transmitters that can be combined with indicator monitors which allow, through analog and digital outputs, to remotely control the monitoring status.

Conductivity measurement

The generation of fresh water from sea water implies a significant reduction in salt concentration. Starting from a seawater conductivity value higher than 53 mS/cm, the various combined desalination processes, in some cases with mineralization processes, must lead to obtaining water with a conductivity suitable for each specific use:

  • Process water 50÷500 μS/cm at 20 °C
  • Service water 1000÷2500 μS/cm at 20 °C
  • Drinking water 500÷1000 μS/cm at 20 °C.

The application of Conductivity measurement systems therefore becomes decisive for defining the exact values for each application, optimizing the effectiveness of the processes and identifying malfunctions or inefficiencies. The FLS range of instruments allows you to measure conductivity from 2 S/cm to 0.055 μS/cm.


Technical data

  • Standards: UNI EN ISO 1452, UNI EN ISO 15493, UNI EN ISO 15494
  • Dimension range: d16mm - 110mm l Joint: Cold welding, ISO-DIN / ANSI flanging
  • Nominal pressure PN 16 with water at 20 °C (PP-H: PN10) Body materials: PVC-U, PVC-C, ABS, PP-H
  • Seal materials: EPDM, FKMl Wide range of versions with manual operation and with electric or pneumatic actuator


  • Minimized load losses thanks to the full bore ball
  • Safety against accidental maneuvers thanks to the 0°-90° handle block
  • Good fire behavior (compliance with low flame spread test according to ASTM D 635)


  • Locking of the nuts guaranteed even in the presence of vibrations or thermal expansion thanks to the patented Dual Block® system
  • Patented Seat Stop® ball support system, which allows for micro-adjustment of the seals and minimizing the effect of axial thrusts
  • With the same characteristics as the Dual Block® series, the three-way versions, TKD series, and the regulating VKR series are also available.

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Technical data

  • Standard for pipes: UNI EN ISO 21003 l Dimensional range: d16mm - d75mm l Joint: Mechanical crimp
  • Temperature range: -45° + 100°Cl Nominal pressure: PN 10
  • Material: 5-layer PEX-b -Al– PEX-b insulated pipe
  • Wide range of pipes, fittings and valves


  • Flexible hoses, easy to bend even by hand
  • Minimized thermal expansion
  • Low load losses
  • Fire reaction classification BL S1 D0


Technical data

  • Standards for pipes: UNI EN ISO 15874 PP-R SDR 6 - 7.4 - 11; PP-RCT SDR7.4-9-11
  • Size range: PP-R d20mm - d125 mm, PP-RCT d20mm - d315 mm
  • Joint: polyfusion and electrofusion l Temperature range: PP-R from 5°C to 70°C; PP-RCT from 5°C to 95°C
  • Nominal pressure: PP-R PN20, PN16, PN10; PP-RCT PN20, PN16, PN10
  • Material: PP-R, PP-RCT
  • Wide range of pipes, fittings, plastic-to-brass transition fittings and valves


  • PP-R:

low propensity to create scale
good chemical resistance
excellent value for money

  • PP-RCT:

- minimized thermal expansion
- marked resistance to mechanical stress


Technical data

  • Standard for pipes: UNI EN ISO 15877
  • Dimensional range: d16mm - d160mm
  • Joint: cold welding
  • Temperature range: from 5°C to 90°C
  • Nominal pressure: HTA PN25 < d63mm, PN16 < d160mm; HTA-F PN16
  • Material: PVC-C HTA, PVC-C HTA-F
  • Wide range of pipes, fittings, plastic-to-brass transition fittings, valves and dedicated clamping system


  • Simple, fast and safe joint
  • Dedicated solutions for hot (HTA) and cold (HTA-F) water that are easily identifiable within the system
  • Over 98% recyclable
  • Reduced load losses


  • Fire behavior in compliance with MSC.399.
  • PVC-C is one of the least biofilm-promoting materials thanks to the low roughness of its surface, and is also able to withstand chemical treatments (continuous chlorination and hyperchlorination) by virtue of its excellent compatibility with products containing chlorine or derivatives and heat treatments (thermal shock or constant temperature maintenance between 55°C and 60°C) due to its strong mechanical resistance properties.

Aliaxis guarantees for shipbuilding

We have been present on the industrial, civil and agricultural markets for over 70 years where our products have been subjected to considerable and constant stress such as:

  • jump in temperature
  • chemical products
  • sludge
  • burial
  • pressure
  • UV rays
  • snow and ice

From these experiences we have developed the skills to be able to affirm today that valves, fittings, pipes, measuring instruments and joints are able to face any challenge, even those present in the world of ships, yachts and offshore platforms.

We have achieved high levels of knowledge in the selection of the materials that make up our products, in the design and production, as well as in the definition of the simplest, most reliable and long-lasting installation systems.

Standards and Approvals

Our wide range of products is approved by the world's leading certification bodies:

Aliaxis has gathered the experiences of its companies to offer quality products capable of guaranteeing maximum safety.

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