Safe Return to Port

Standards in shipbuilding

The standards in shipbuilding are ever higher and require safe and comfortable boats.

The SRtP (Safe Return to Port) regulation, within the SOLAS regulations, was introduced by the IMO with the aim of setting the minimum requirements for the "essential systems" so that ships are able to return to the port in the event of damage due to fire, leaks or breakdowns and to guarantee safe areas to allow the ship to be evacuated within the appropriate time frame in the event of serious damage to one or more main vertical areas.

The regulations are mandatory for passenger ships built on or after 1 July 2010, with a length of 120 meters or more or with three or more main vertical zones.

The Safe Return to Port rules imply a modification of the design process for designers, ship builders, classification societies and flag state administration.

The IMO resolution

The entry into force of IMO Resolution MSC.216 (82) of 2006, introducing the concept of Safe Return to Port (SRtP), defined new concepts and requirements for large passenger ships built starting from 1 July 2010 with precise characteristics: length exceeding 120 meters with at least three main vertical zones.

The requirements dictated by this regulation profoundly update what was defined by the previous International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) of 1974, significantly influencing the design of the boats and the applicability of the technical solutions that can be adopted.

The need to ensure a balanced level of service, even in the event of dramatic events such as fires or floods, has led to a revolution in the design of systems defined as "essential", mainly due to the relevance assumed by their positioning.

The need to withstand mechanical stress and to operate even in extreme conditions has re-parameterized the applicable components forcing manufacturers to create dedicated technical solutions capable of withstanding the heaviest stresses.

The Straub coupling, in the Fire Fence version, is a significant example of a historical product for the connection of pipes re-engineered to comply with these complex technical requirements.

Read more and download the MCS 216 resolution
icone illustrative dei 4 sistemi essenziali di bordo

The essential systems

The systems defined as essential include those relating to the transport of fluids such as:

manutenzione all'elica di un bastimento commerciale

Security and Operations

In addition to increased safety for passengers and crew, a ship design compliant with the rules on safe return to port will offer further advantages for the manager.

Not only will the ship's operation be more efficient and flexible thanks to the higher degree of protection of the essential systems, but also downtime during normal operation will be reduced by guaranteeing a regular and prolonged running of the ship.

versione Fire Fence dei giunto in acciaio Straub

Aliaxis solutions

STRAUB FIRE-FENCE is the solution
optimal for the numerous systems where it is required a simple, space-saving and safe piping connection thanks to fire protection.

On the outside of the casing is firmly attached a plastic intumescent, which, in case of fire, it inflates and encloses protectively the joint keeping complete
functional capacity.

compliant with the highest standards
international by behavior
to fire and high temperatures,
according to ISO19921 and ISO19922 standards.


  • Full fire protection
  • Approved for main collector and fire systems
  • Approved for the transport of flammable liquids with ignition temperatures both lower and higher than 60 °C

The advantages for the shipbuilding industry

The ship's hull deforms considerably due to wave motion, causing continuous mechanical stress on the rigid piping systems, but the original STRAUB pipe joints combine the joint and compensation functions in a single element.

The special properties of the Straub-Grip and Straub-Flex joints guarantee progressive hydraulic sealing and mechanical anchoring and represent an added value for the shipbuilding industry even during the periodic maintenance control phases of the joints on the systems because they are simpler and quicker to check compared to traditional flanged connections.

Straub joints, flexible, removable and reusable, have been thoroughly tested by German shipbuilders and their use and application have been approved by Germanischer Lloyd for use in the marine sector.

Appreciating their lightness, compactness and efficiency, as well as the speed of installation, the German and French Navy have adopted them for their frigates, submarines and aircraft carriers.

Impact tests have also shown that Straub couplings guarantee hydraulic tightness even in emergency conditions following underwater collisions or explosions, thanks to their low weight.


The tightening operations are carried out from just one side with the possibility of orientation according to the installation constraints.
Optimal solution for contained spaces or in the presence of further installations.


No need for specific and cumbersome equipment and short installation and downtime.
Removable and reusable.


Allows the connection of pipes made of different materials and diameters .
It can be used for pressure, exhaust and suction systems.


Compensation for axial misalignments and angular deviations.
Splicing and compensation in a single element.


Reduction of mechanical stress on the pipes from vibrations, oscillations and water hammers.
Reduction of sound emissions due to vibrations and greater acoustic comfort


Reduced weight and optimized transport costs.
Payload increase.

  • SAFE

Fourfold safety factor compared to the declared PN and IACS approvals.
Absorption of excessive loads thanks to the flexible structure.


Corrosion and chemical resistant.
The low tightening torque guarantees a long service life.

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vista laterale della nave da crociera Carnival Splendor

Our references


Cruise ship | “Carnival Splendor” (Italy)

Our solution:
• Main fire line, gray water and black water lines.

Why did the customer choose us?
• Reduced downtime thanks to quick and simple installation
• Safety
• Factor 4
• High reduction of vibrations (passenger comfort)

vista del mega yacht My Triple Seven

“My Triple Seven” (Germany)

Our solution:
• Seawater cooling line, main fire line, gray and black water lines

Why did the customer choose us?
• Simple and safe installation.

vista laterale della Fregata Horizon


Frigate | “Horizon 6108” (Italy)
Others: aircraft carriers, distribution plants, tankers, submarines

Our solution:
STRAUB-GRIP-L and STRAUB-METAL-GRIP CuNiFe seawater line, purge line, gray and black water lines and fire sprinkler lines.

Why did the customer choose us?
• high product quality
• quick and simple installation
• technical advantages (vibration and shock absorption, possibility of angular deviation, collision and shock proof, compensation for pipe expansion).