Safety and efficiency

The water treatment sector plays a fundamental role in managing and safeguarding the most important natural resource on the planet. An even more valid issue in the case of process water and industrial waste water.

Aware of the fact that the types of pipes required for these applications are as varied as they are complex, Aliaxis has developed a complete range of solutions for industrial wastewater treatment to maintain a high level of water quality in every application area.

Our systems, used in industrial waste water purification plants, are extensively tested to ensure that the systems inside the factories are safe. Furthermore, our customers know they can rely on the solutions and services we offer, the result of know-how acquired on a global scale.

We collaborate with companies specialized in the design and construction of industrial process water treatment plants, to help them select and install the most suitable solutions, offering on-site technical assistance for the entire duration of the project.

Not only that, we also support those who own an industrial wastewater treatment plant and those who directly manage industrial structures to implement highly efficient and quality thermoplastic systems, which allow them to reduce the total cost of management and stabilize performance.

Systems for conveying pressurized fluids for the treatment of process water and industrial waste water