High temperatures and corrosive substances

Surface treatments are an essential phase in the process industry and in the manufacturing industry in the creation of many products that we use every day.

The technical complexity of these processes requires systems for the conveyance and management of chemical products that are durable and safe, capable of offering continuous performance and a prolonged useful life of wastewater treatment plants and for the treatment of primary waters.

From pickling metal to remove impurities to electroplating or galvanizing to protect base materials from corrosion, Aliaxis provides premium quality plastic systems that meet more stringent industry requirements than metal systems.

Aliaxis has also studied a portfolio of specially designed solutions aimed at managers of industrial fluid transport networks for surface treatments, all capable of withstanding extreme temperatures and corrosive chemicals. Our systems are tested, cost effective and simple to install.

We offer our technical assistance to select the most suitable products for each surface treatment plant. Aliaxis systems are designed and manufactured with raw materials that guarantee maximum chemical compatibility and our expertise in the field of highly corrosive applications for dangerous chemical substances makes us a reliable and valuable partner for our customers.

Systems for conveying pressurized fluids for surface treatments