Compressed air systems are used in the process and manufacturing industries to distribute clean and uncontaminated air even in potentially corrosive environments. Aliaxis offers complete systems of pipes, fittings and valves for compressed air distribution networks, able to meet the most stringent requirements.

The GirAir piping system for compressed air distribution networks, on the other hand, is designed and built with PVC-U based compounds to withstand maximum operating pressures of 12.5 bar at 25 °C. In addition to being recyclable, corrosion resistant and energy efficient, it also resists shocks at very low temperatures and has obtained the highest fire reaction class. This solution is available in various diameters and is also suitable for the distribution of inert gases and centralized vacuum networks.

For projects we can also offer:

Air-Line Xtra, for example, is a lightweight and anti-corrosion compressed air distribution system made of an ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene) based compound specially formulated to operate without interruptions at 12.5 bar at 20 °C. The Air-Line Xtra line is Bureau Veritas approved for marine applications.