New bends in PP-H and PE100-RC for butt welding
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The main advantages of the new range are:

? Simplified Installation:

  • Longer shank allows for better joining through both butt and infrared welding
  • Consistent thickness over the entire length of the fitting and 30°, 45° and 60° indication lines to meet custom installation needs
  • 8 orientation lines on the shanks for a professional guided weld

? Same face-to-face footprint size:

  • No change in face-to-face size from d32 to d110 to avoid changes in designs and systems; no change in packaging as well. D20 and D25 have a slight variation in face-to-face dimensions (7mm and 5mm, respectively)

? High Quality:

  • Resins of the highest quality to ensure optimal performance, in terms of chemical resistance and mechanical behavior; moreover, the entire range made of PE 100-RC, combines improved resistance characteristics to slow down the propagation of cracks, due to point loads or surface incisions
  • Smooth inner surface to minimize impurity sedimentation
  • Wide range of certifications and approvals for new fittings made of PE 100-RC, tested and certified DVGW also for suitability for drinking water according to the KTW-BWGL guideline

The new technical catalogue of the PP-H system can be downloaded from section download of our website while the catalogue of the PE100 range, available only in English, can be downloaded directly from this website.  link