Diaphragm valve

The DK diaphragm valve is ideal for regulating and shutting off abrasive fluids or fluids with impurities. The new internal geometry of the body significantly increases the flow coefficient, reduces pressure drops and allows accurate adjustment over the entire poppet stroke. The DK has reduced dimensions and weight. The innovative handwheel is equipped with a patented mechanism for locking the manoeuvre, immediate and ergonomic, which allows you to lock any adjustment position reached.


  • Jointing system for gluing (only PVC-U and PVC-C), for welding (only PP-H and PVDF), for threading and for flanging
  • Optimized fluid dynamic design: maximum flow rate thanks to the optimized fluid dynamic efficiency that characterizes the new internal geometry of the body
  • Internal metal operating parts isolated from the fluid and from the external environment
  • Modularity of the range: only 2 handwheels and 4 diaphragms and covers for 7 different valve sizes
  • Non-salient handwheel, equipped with a graduated optical indicator and protected by a transparent PVC cap with sealing O-ring
  • Cover fixing screws in stainless steel protected by PE plugs. No metal parts exposed to the external environment to prevent any risk of corrosion
  • New flanged bodies: The new bodies, featuring a monolithic flanged structure, are available in PVC-U, PVC-C, PP-H and PVDF materials. This design, with no joints between body and flanges, greatly reduces mechanical stress and increases system performance
  • The CDSA sealing system (Circular Diaphragm Sealing Angle) with a uniform distribution of the shutter pressure on the sealing diaphragm, offers the following advantages:

− Reduction of the operating torque

− Less mechanical stress for all valve components (actuator, body and diaphragm)

− Minimization of the risk of accumulation of deposits, contamination or damage to the membrane due to crystallization phenomena

− Ease of cleaning of the internal areas of the valve

  • High visibility graduated optical position indicator protected by a transparent cover with sealing O-Ring
  • New internal design of the valve body: significantly increased flow coefficient and reduced pressure drops. The efficiency achieved has also made it possible to reduce the size and weight of the valve
  • Linearity of regulation: the internal profiles of the valve also make it possible to considerably improve the characteristic curve of the valve to obtain particularly sensitive and accurate regulation over the entire stroke of the poppet

Manual valves


  • Predisposition for personalization through identification plate. The possibility of customization allows you to identify the valve on the system according to specific needs
  • DIALOCK® system: innovative control handwheel equipped with an immediate and ergonomic locking mechanism, which allows the valve to be adjusted and locked in over 300 positions
  • Handwheel and cover in PP-GR with high mechanical and chemical resistance for total protection to insulate all internal metal parts from contact with external agents
  • Floating pin connection between lead screw and diaphragm to increase sealing and duration by avoiding concentrated loads
  • Valve fixing support integrated in the body equipped with metal threaded inserts which also allows simple and quick panel or wall installation with the PMDK fixing plate (supplied as an accessory)

Valves actuated


  • Compact and lightweight piston actuator in PP-GR suitable for use in harsh and chemically aggressive environmental conditions with a perimeter containment system of the membrane which guarantees an ideal compression of the rubber avoiding lateral expansion
  • Piston in IXEF® with high mechanical resistance. The external surface with a high finish guarantees perfect sliding on the gasket and allows a long operational life without maintenance of the actuator
  • Stem in high resistance stainless steel with double sealing O-Ring. Floating pin connection between actuator stem and diaphragm to increase sealing and duration by avoiding concentrated loads
  • Actuator equipped with 6 independent cartridge springs arranged radially for a perfect distribution of the load on the piston
  • Primary seal with dual function. Piston Seal: Seal not moving and seated firmly on the actuator cylinder rather than on the piston. Seal towards the outside: the gasket located upstream of the threaded connection between the cover and the cylinder ensures that the coupling is not subjected to the stresses induced by the pressure inside the actuator
  • Easy installation even in confined spaces: compressed air inlets with adjustable G 1/4” threaded connections to be aligned with the piping. The PPGR connections allow to avoid corrosion problems.

Pneumatically actuated valves

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