Water pipes must be designed to meet the needs of an ever-growing population. Suitable for highly complex international projects, Aliaxis products have been chosen by major water companies and engineering consultancies to deliver quality drinking water to communities.

Aliaxis offers a range of pipes, available in various sizes and for different operating pressures, accompanied by the main approvals. The use of polyethylene (PE) guarantees high resistance over time and minimum maintenance.

Our PE systems are lightweight and flexible for easy handling and have a smooth core to ensure uniform flow rates over the life of the system, reduce pumping requirements and keep energy costs down. The joining techniques adopted for these solutions are synonymous with exceptional robustness.

Aliaxis designs and manufactures pipes to precise dimensions and specifications to reduce installation time and improve productivity, a key requirement in projects with tight deadlines.

To ensure that communities live in a safe and secure environment, water and gas pipelines need to be strong and secure, connected by perfectly sound joints. For this, Aliaxis has developed a diversified range of fittings for polyethylene (PE) piping networks.

Our electro-weldable, compression and mechanical fittings connect pipes even in the most demanding conditions. The solidity of the joints is proven by rigorous tests compliant with the highest standards and by certifications in accordance with the main international standards.

As a full-service supplier, we also provide the work and services necessary to complete the installation quickly and safely: selection and sizing of fittings, on-site support and after-sales services such as training, technical assistance and maintenance.

For customers who need to build unique and complex distribution networks, Aliaxis pipe systems are a certainty.

Frialen PE fittings

Complete system of fittings in
polyethylene for water networks: electrofusion PE fittings, valves, welding machines, auxiliary equipment and long spigot PE fittings.
Electrofusion fittings Frialen in
Polyethylene for Water.

foto gruppo giunti a compressione sistema Magnum

Compression joints

Line of compression joints for polyethylene pipes from d16 to d110 that are simple to install and characterized by a proven mechanical and hydraulic seal.

Straub mechanical joints

Complete system of stainless steel joints suitable for connecting and repairing pipes made of any material for pressurized water networks.

Viking Johnson Metal Joints

The Viking Johnson line includes numerous metal fittings suitable for the connection and repair of pipes both in metal and in thermoplastic material.

Measurement and control instruments

The FLS line of instruments includes systems for monitoring flow measurement, PH/ORP, conductivity and level/pressure and offers a wide range of indicators and transmitters, sensors and electrodes.

Immagine del gruppo prodotti della linea a marchio Astore, valvole manuali in PVCU, raccordi in PVCU, giunti a compressione e prese a staffa

Astore line

Manual valves and PVC fittings for bonding, threaded and transition, compression joints, saddle clamps