Integrated water cycle management

Responsibly managing water at all stages of the process is no longer an option: it is an imperative. The use of conveying systems that are reliable over time, even for civil waste water, is essential to protect the most precious natural resource on the planet and at the same time ensure a quality water supply.

From the design and construction of municipal water treatment plants to their day-to-day operation, Aliaxis is a trusted partner when it comes to installing high-quality pipes, fittings and valves at a reasonable cost.

At a local level, we assist customers in choosing and implementing the most suitable solutions for their municipal wastewater plant and provide technical support throughout the duration of the project.

Our broad portfolio of products is also designed to simplify the installation process because it provides a complete range of figures and accessories for water treatment and urban wastewater transport that make installation on site quick and easy.

With Aliaxis, Multiutilities have the possibility to reduce the total operating cost of the plants, guaranteeing stable performance for the entire operating life.

Our systems are extensively tested to ensure that wastewater treatment plants inside factories are safe. Furthermore, our customers know they can rely on the solutions and services we offer, as they are the result of know-how acquired on a global scale.

Systems for the conveyance of fluids under pressure for the treatment of water and municipal wastewater