Corrosion resistance

The thermoplastic systems for conveying chemical substances, used in factories for their transformation, must be able to guarantee safe and constant performance.

Plants used in the chemical industry often require a wide range of stable and durable solutions, to cover just as many applications.

For plants in the chemical industry, Aliaxis supplies tested, high-quality plastic systems that are ideal for transporting, managing and conveying dangerous chemicals and process fluids. We are committed to offering only the most effective solutions to reduce installation time and total cost of ownership, improving performance over the long term.

Our systems developed for industrial fluid transport networks are resistant to corrosion and expressly designed to handle mixtures of dangerous and aggressive chemical agents, even at high temperatures, while the instrumentation allows for maximum accuracy in dosing processes.

Customers in the chemical process industry appreciate Aliaxis' complete portfolio both for products, which can be customized according to needs, and for services on which they can always count. We also provide on-site technical assistance from design to installation and day-to-day operations at the plants.

Systems for conveying pressurized fluids in the chemical process industry