Correct, regular and precise dispensing

Water scarcity and world population growth are two macro trends that require the agricultural sector to review irrigation techniques with a view to efficiency, not only today but also in the future: managing water carefully will be an absolute priority throughout the 21st century.

Irrigation can be considered optimal when it manages to balance a correct distribution of the necessary amount of water with the containment of costs and energy consumption. Thanks to the use of more modern technologies and equipment, an appropriate management of agricultural and irrigation systems can increase water quality while safeguarding this precious resource and, in general, the environment.

To precisely regulate the irrigation water, control elements such as valves or air vents are needed. The emitters (drippers or sprinklers) are fundamental components of irrigation systems and Aliaxis, in addition to these solutions, offers a diversified assortment of joints, derivations and bends to create piping networks suitable for all types of crops, in any area .

Crop irrigation systems