Aliaxis sponsors the Youth Water Polo Teams of Camogli Rari Nantes
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The sponsorship of the Camogli Rari Nantes youth water polo teams by Aliaxis is not only a financial support, but an investment in the sharing of values and commitment to the growth of young athletes. We are proud to be part of this adventure and to contribute to the formation of future champions.

Water polo is a sport that requires determination and sacrifice. The daily and intense workouts take place in a challenging environment: water. This environment not only makes movement and breathing more difficult, but also teaches young athletes to overcome challenges with tenacity and resilience.

In addition to technical skills, water polo conveys fundamental values. Athletes learn respect for opponents and the adults around them. Teammates become a family, where mutual help is essential. When marking an opponent becomes challenging, players work together to support their teammates, defending or attacking together.

The game is based on elaborate strategies and a strong team spirit. Finding your partner in the best position to shoot requires coordination and understanding. Concentration and non-verbal communication between players are crucial in deciding whether to pass the ball or look for the shot into the net.

Every aspect of the game is perfected during training, where game variables and options are analyzed. By tackling different scenarios, young athletes learn to plan movements and strategies to achieve maximum results. Physical preparation, understanding of teammates' movements, and the ability to react to situations in real time are key to achieving the goal of scoring or defending.

FIP, a brand of the Aliaxis Group, has a long tradition in the swimming pool sector. For more than 60 years, our valves and water treatment components have been used in high-profile plants, such as in 2016, when we supplied the components for the 18 pools of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. The quality and speed of installation of our valves were also recognized at the FINA World Swimming Championships, with our solutions deployed both in 2017 in Budapest and in 2019 in Gwangju. This is also why we feel very close to the sports that take place in the pool!