Diaphragm valve

The VM is particularly suitable for the regulation and interception of abrasive fluids or fluids containing impurities. The handwheel control and the diaphragm seal allow precise and effective regulation and reduce the risk of water hammer to a minimum.


  • Jointing system for gluing and flanging
  • Optimized fluid dynamic design: maximum flow rate thanks to the optimized fluid dynamic efficiency that characterizes the new internal geometry of the body
  • Cover fixing screws in stainless steel protected from the external environment by PE caps
  • New flanged bodies: The new bodies, featuring a monolithic flanged structure, are available in PVC-U, PVC-C, PP-H and PVDF materials. This design, with no joints between body and flanges, greatly reduces mechanical stress and increases system performance.
  • New internal design of the valve body: significantly increased flow coefficient with consequent reduction of pressure drops. Optimized regulation curve to obtain effective and precise flow regulation

Manual valves


  • Non-salient handwheel that always maintains the same height during rotation, equipped with internal bearing to minimize friction and operating torque
  • Optical indicator as standard
  • Internal metal operating parts isolated from the fluid
  • Control handwheel in (PA-GR) with high mechanical resistance with ergonomic grip for excellent manoeuvrability
  • Metallic optical position indicator supplied as standard
  • Lid in PP-GR for total protection. Internal tightening profile of the circular and symmetrical membrane
  • Sealing membrane available in EPDM, FKM, PTFE (NBR on request) and easily replaceable
  • Metal threaded inserts for valve anchoring

Valves actuated


  • Sturdy and reliable diaphragm actuator in PP-GR suitable for use in harsh and chemically aggressive environmental conditions
  • Diaphragm actuator in PP-GR characterized by a high constructive sturdiness. In the Normally Closed configuration the upper part is equipped with steel reinforcement. The absence of metal parts exposed to the external environment prevents any risk of corrosion
  • The special control membrane reinforced with textile fibers allows up to 10 million actuations without showing signs of wear
  • High resistance stainless steel stem with floating pin connection between actuator stem and diaphragm to increase sealing and duration by avoiding concentrated loads

Pneumatically actuated valves

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