FIP has developed a TKD DUAL BLOCK® type ball valve to introduce a high reference standard of thermoplastic valves. TKD is a radially disassembled shunting and mixing ball valve that meets the most stringent demands required in industrial applications.


  • Jointing system for gluing (PVC-U and PVC-C only), welding (PP-H only) and threading
  • SEAT STOP® patented ball seal support system, which allows for micro-adjustment of the seals and minimizes the effect of axial thrusts
  • Easy radial disassembly from the system and consequent rapid replacement of O-Rings and ball seals without the use of any tools
  • Radial dismantling valve body (True union) made by injection molding in PVC-U, PVC-C and PP-H equipped with integrated drilling for actuation. Test requirements according to ISO 9393
  • Possibility of disassembling the downstream piping with the valve in the closed position
  • Stem with high surface finish with double O-Ring and double key for connection to the ball, equipped with visual ball position indicator for correct installation of the handle
  • Support integrated in the body for fixing the valve
  • Possibility of installing pneumatic and/or electric actuators thanks to the robust anchoring turret for easy and rapid automation using the Power Quick module (optional)
  • Patented DUAL BLOCK® locking system of the ring nut which ensures tightness of the ring nut tightening even in the case of harsh conditions such as in the presence of vibrations or thermal expansion.
  • Floating type full bore spherical shutter with high surface finish with T or L passage

Manual valves


  • Possibility of having a handle with an integrated LSQT limit switch box, also for retrofitting existing installations.
  • Ergonomic handle in HIPVC equipped with removable key for adjusting the support of the ball seals. Possibility of installing the LTKD maneuver limiter (available as an accessory) which allows rotation of the ball and handle only for pre-set opening or closing angles of 90° or 180°
  • Handle block 0°- 90° SHKD (available as an accessory) ergonomically operable during the maneuver and padlockable
  • Ball sealing system with 4 PTFE gaskets which allows to compensate for axial thrusts ensuring excellent maneuverability and long life

Valves actuated


  • Electric actuator made on FIP specifications; with shells in plastic material and manual emergency control as standard. Available in voltages from 12 to 240V
  • Rack & pinion type pneumatic actuator made to FIP specifications; fully protected against corrosion from atmospheric agents available in double effect (DA) or single effect normally closed (NC) or normally open (NO) version. With T-ball, it offers the possibility of controlling three different positions according to 2 configurations: 0°-90°-180° and 0°-90°-270°
  • Stem with high surface finish with double o-ring seal. The double key connection system guarantees a robust and reliable transmission of the actuator torque to the ball
  • PowerQuick module for pneumatic or electric actuation made entirely of highly robust and easy to install technopolymer

Electrically actuated valves

Pneumatically actuated valves

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