Butterfly valves

The FE is a shut-off and regulating butterfly valve, specifically designed for water transport applications and equipped with the customized Labeling System.


  • PVC-U disc with through shaft
  • Square section galvanized steel stem completely isolated from the fluid according to ISO 5211 standard: DN 40 ÷ 65: 11 mm DN 80 ÷ 100: 14 mm DN 125 ÷ 150: 17 mm DN 200: 22 mm
  • Can also be installed as a bottom drain valve or quick tank drain
  • Compatibility of the valve material (PVC-U) with the conveyance of water, drinking water and other food substances according to the regulations in force
  • Possibility of directly installing manual reducer or pneumatic and/or electric actuators with standard drilling according to ISO 5211 F05, F07, F10
  • Ergonomic multifunction handle in HIPVC with the possibility of rapid maneuvering, graduated adjustment in 12 positions (every 7.5°). 180° reversible assembly
  • Personalization system Labeling System: integrated module, consisting of a transparent protective cap and a label holder plate that can be customized using the LSE set (available as an accessory). The possibility of customization allows you to identify the valve on the system according to specific needs
  • Drilling system with oval slots that allows coupling with flanges according to numerous international standards
  • Interchangeable primary gasket with double function of hydraulic seal and isolation of the body from the fluid
  • Monobloc turret with PVC-U rack. Drilling according to ISO 5211 standard for direct drive: DN 40 ÷ 65: F05 DN 80 ÷ 150: F07 DN 200: F10

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