To meet the needs of an ever-increasing population, sewage systems must be resistant, long-lasting and designed according to the strictest safety standards. It is essential that public sewers and private wastewater pipes are safe: external water must not seep into the system and, on the other hand, waste must not enter the ground.

Perfect for the disposal of civil and industrial waste water, our fittings for sewage systems are very simple to install, thanks to the double junction option: with the robust snap couplings and the electro-welded junctions for pressure systems, the networks are safe and they last longer. Our solutions are certified according to European standards and ensure waste systems comply with local building codes.

EN1401 sewer fittings

Wide range of fittings and special pieces in PVC for underground waste pipes.

REDI PVC sewer fittings are suitable for the construction of underground pipelines for the conveyance of civil and industrial waste water (white, black and mixed water) and industrial, agricultural waste and waste water in general.

Non-return valves

The non-return valve is installed in the drain pipes and allows the normal flow of water into the public sewer, preventing its backflow in the event of an overload of the sewers.

immagine dei prodotti easyclip

Easy Clip - mechanical connections

Easyclip is a connection fitting that allows you to make the connection (Ø160 and Ø200) to a duct.
The anchoring of the fitting is mechanical, with no need for adhesives, and is suitable both for installations on new and for installations on existing manifolds.

Lifting stations Isea

Lifting stations are used to convey wastewater to final delivery points located at higher elevations and at a certain distance from the discharge points.

They can also be used to regulate the flow rates entering the purification plants, guaranteeing a constant flow where required.

Frialen fittings

In the field of electrofusion fittings in polyethylene, the FRIALEN® brand represents the maximum expression of experience, quality and reliability over time.