Marine conservation projects

Public aquariums are structures in which  aquatic animals and plants are housed, not only for the purpose of knowledge and exposition but also for the preservation of the most fragile and threatened ecosystems, including the recovery of injured or sick subjects for subsequent release into the wild.

More than 100 have been opened since the 1990s, and new facilities are inaugurated every year, hosting over 150 million visitors, with growing estimates.

The training opportunity offered by these structures can inspire people to adopt a more respectful attitude, increasing awareness that many human activities have a significant impact on marine habitats and ecosystems.

The degradation of the world's seas and oceans and the consequent negative ecological and social impact, with repercussions also at a health and economic level, has prompted numerous international organizations to promote the development of strategies and marine conservation programs, in synergy with aquariums , to restore the oceans to health.

The Aliaxis solutions, which have long been appreciated by prestigious aquariums all over the world, integrate perfectly both in operating systems and in newly built systems, offering a selection of products dedicated to conveying, sorting and quality control in the hydraulic circuit with high standards of safety to integrate recirculation pumps, filtration systems, accumulation tanks.

The autonomous water treatment systems (Life Support System - LSS) must be able to guarantee the different chemical and physical characteristics according to the needs of the hosted organisms. Personnel qualified in the protection and welfare of animals can only select products that must be reliable, extremely functional and long-lasting.

Source: Friends of the Sea 

Aquarium of Genoa
Video Case Study

Discover Aliaxis solutions for aquariums and LSS

FIP valves at the service of the Genoa Aquarium since 1992; listen to the testimony of those who have relied on our solutions for over twenty years and find out behind the scenes of the richest exhibition of aquatic biodiversity with over 70 ecosystems and about 12,000 specimens from all the seas of the world...

Systems for the management of water circulation, analysis and disinfection