FRIALOC: the shut-off valve in PE

As the world leader in advanced plastic piping systems, we specialize in wear-resistant and hygienically reliable polyethylene joining technology. Under the FRIALEN brand, we present FRIALOC, the innovative PE shut-off valve for the transport and distribution of water, which can be used for plastic pipes in the water supply.

Choose the original: FRIALOC

If you want to play it safe when it comes to water supply, it is best to opt for the original, market leader: With the FRIALOC PE shut-off valve from the FRIALEN product line, networks form a coherent unit made of materials without the need for seals or mechanical connections. Corrosion and fouling are now a thing of the past, as are flow reductions.

Advantages: versatile and simple

Thanks to the innovative two-lens closing mechanism, FRIALOC adapts flexibly to all operating conditions and allows the flow to be interrupted without too much effort, at a short distance from the road surface. The FRIALOC valve, using appropriate connection methods, can also be integrated in pre-existing piping networks in other materials, allowing the passage from PVC, steel, cast iron and cement, to polyethylene.


FRIALOC valve open

FRIALOC valve close

FRIALOC: the strengths

  • no corrosion or fouling
  • innovative two-lens system for safe handling in all operating conditions
  • durable and low maintenance
  • ease of operation regardless of the operating pressure
  • halved weight compared to cast iron valves
  • stable thanks to the large support surface