The new bypass valve for DAV loaded installations: safe and fast thanks to the RED SNAP quick coupling lever

  • Fast, safe and simple installation with the RED SNAP - universal for gas and water networks
  • Particularly hygienic​​ thanks to the use of approved and safe raw materials
  • Durable and economical​​
  • Thanks to the DBS installation kit equipped with a telescopic operating rod perfect maneuverability of the valve when coupled with the pipe is obtained.

The DAV valve with the RED SNAP​ coupling lever reduces installation times by 50%*

*installation times= Scraping, cleaning, pipe coupling, welding and cooling times depend on individual skills and abilities.

Example: DAV d 110/d 32 – indicative for the complete range

In addition to the quick installation and the simple coupling with the pipe, no further controls or tools are required: Clip quickly instead of screwing!

Improve hygienic performance thanks to the new design and the selection of materials used

  • Perforation by means of a rotating round blade – highly efficient steel perforator
  • The shape of the thread prevents the formation of deposits and guarantees optimal flow conditions (low pressure drop).


  • Use of materials compatible with the most recent regulations for the transport and distribution of drinking water or for purification
  • Body and gaskets with reduced contact areas with the liquid being transported


Perfect coupling on the tube and a guarantee of long life for the materials used

  • The RED SNAP quick coupling lever allows a perfect coupling with the tube, in a simple, fast and reliable way


  • Optimal energy transmission thanks to the unprotected coils and the construction design of the melting area in relation to the pressurized area


  • New DBS installation kit with locking system according to DVGW, sheet GW336.