Aliaxis redesigns the PVC-U fittings line to consolidate a more sustainable production process

The newly engineered design and the conscious use of natural resources have made possible to achieve these goals:

  • -22% CO2 emissions
  • -21% water consumption

Sustainability is central to the Aliaxis growth and long-term vision. We believe that an ambitious sustainability plan is instrumental in our strategy to Grow. For this reason, the Aliaxis group has defined a plan will includes an integrated series of actions in different domains, to achieve clear and ambitious targets by 2025:

  • 75% reduction of COper ton produced
  • 100% renewable electricity
  • Develop innovative solutions with a view to sustainability

New PVC-U pressure fittings

Aliaxis, with FIP branded products, has decided to give its contribution by re-engineering the best-selling figures of its historic line of fittings in PVC-U with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and offer a renewed range of industrial pressure fittings more performing and faster to install.


The new design fittings will guarantee:

  • Greater mechanical strength, thanks to the increase in thickness in the most stressed area of the fitting that reduces the risk of deformation
  • Simpler and faster installation, thanks to easy insertion and the addition of alignment notches on the part of the fitting
  • Greater production sustainability, thanks to a more conscious use of resources and raw materials and to reduction the environmental impact on the entire production process

What has been renovated?

  • Increased tickness in the areas subject to higher mechanical stress
  • Easier insertion
  • 45° position indicators
  • Dimensional uniformity

Range internationally certified 

The production of PVC-U lines is carried out following the highest quality standards and in full compliance with the environmental constraints imposed by current laws and in accordance with ISO 14001. All products are manufactured according to the quality assurance system according to ISO 9001. 

The entire range of fittings can boast of numerous quality marks issued by the main international certification bodies and is recognized as suitable for specific applications such as the conveyance of sanitary water and water intended for human consumption.

The registered Customers can consult the certifications by visiting the Customer area of the site at the following link Product certifications – Fipnet

Wide range of applications

  • Swimming pools & SPA
  • Acquarium and Life Science Support
  • Agricolture, irrigation and fertirrigation
  • Water distribution network
  • Desalination
  • Industrial and Municipal Waste water treatment
  • Industrial porcess water treatment
  • Marine

The renewed range in detail


90° elbow with solvent weld sockets PVC-U.


45° elbow with solvent weld sockets PVC-U.


45° tee with solvent weld sockets PVC-U.


90° tee with solvent weld sockets PVC-U.


Solvent weld double socket PVC-U.

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