Sanitary items
Healthcare environments must comply with increasingly stringent standards. A good sanitary system, in addition to protecting people's hygiene and health, must also take into account other factors, such as aesthetics and noise. Not only that: technicians often find themselves having to work in narrow spaces, where it is difficult to install suitable and reliable solutions to make the premises safe and pleasant.

Aliaxis offers a complete range of systems designed to minimize installation time, noise and bad smells, All manufactured by trusted brands and extensively tested, our sanitary systems for kitchens and bathrooms include tiled drains and solutions for toilets, baths bath, showers, washbasins, sinks and bidets.

Aliaxis assists customers in selecting the most suitable system, advising on splicing method, dimensions, colour, application and all the necessary details. Our products are born from in-depth research and are accompanied by training courses and services worthy of a global leader in the sector.

Siphons and drains
A system that can prevent blockages and deliver consistent performance is essential for clean, odor-free bathrooms. Aliaxis high quality waste traps and traps were designed with plumbers and for plumbers.

Thanks to them, we have developed easy and integrated joining techniques to speed up installation times and ensure stronger joints. Our wide range of solutions are perfect for connecting sinks, bathtubs, showers and other fixtures to waste systems.

Nicoll and Jimten branded products are compact, reliable over time and undemanding in terms of maintenance. The exclusive line of chromed wastes and siphons combines the practicality of an adjustable solution with a pleasant aesthetic impact. The portfolio includes S-traps, bottle traps and drains for washbasins, showers and bathtubs, all easily accessible for maintenance and repairs.

Manhole covers for floor showers

Lowered manhole cover for shower with an innovative 3-magnet system that allows maximum water outflow by preventing the backflow of bad odors or the emptying of the siphon.

Linnum design channels

Ideal for creating any type of shower without limits of shape or size. It adapts to all bathrooms and allows maximum versatility.

Siphons and drains

We offer a complete range of siphons and drains that have been entirely redesigned to meet modern design standards and to be able to become a fundamental element of the bathroom environment.


Drains and manhole covers for shower trays with compact siphon and anti-odour magnetic plate