Smart buildings include systems designed to have living comfort and low energy consumption. The Aliaxis solutions that contribute to the Energy Classification of a building concern radiant Heating and Cooling, Home automation for the automatic management of temperatures and air quality with Controlled Mechanical Ventilation systems.

Radiant systems: a single system capable of controlling both heat and cold.
A radiant heating and cooling system improves living comfort: heat or cooling is diffused by radiation, avoiding unpleasant hot or cold areas, there are no cold drafts caused by the air conditioning or points of excessive heat given by the radiators and the temperature is uniform and pleasant.

Improve the aesthetics of the home by avoiding radiators or wall splits and improve acoustics by limiting noise thanks to the emission of thermal energy by radiation.

Thanks to the automatic temperature and humidity control for different zones, it guarantees energy savings and high consumption efficiency

VMC: clean air and energy saving.
Poorly ventilated environments determine a higher humidity rate, such as to favor the formation and concentration of moulds, mites, fungi, bacteria and pollutants, but opening the windows represents a waste of energy which allows noise and pollution to enter.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (VMC) is an air extraction/intake technology in a building. Perfectly insulated buildings have very low energy requirements, but often the healthiness of the rooms is compromised. By eliminating the "draughts" the building "does not breathe". Often, in the air of closed or poorly ventilated environments there are suspended pollutants, both internal and external, such as smoke, vapours, smog, carbon dioxide.

A fan with low electricity consumption heat recovery constantly introduces new air into the house, taking it from the outside and filtering it, removing pollen and pollutants, improving indoor air quality.

Radiant systems

The NICOLL Civil system is ideal for homes, offices, the tertiary sector and for all those applications in general where there are no particular needs for loads that require reinforcements with electro-welded mesh and where there are no particular needs for contained dimensions.

Controlled Mechanical Ventilation

"Forced" air exchange system in operation 24h, all year round, which replaces the manual opening of the windows with the possibility of controlling the air flow by limiting the exchange to the bare minimum, therefore energy waste, and significantly improving the air quality.

HC recovery

RECUPERO HC provides constant air exchange in individual rooms, improves living comfort, prevents the formation of mold and damp spots on the walls and guarantees energy savings.